Heartfelt Appreciations

Lou Jones 

To Lou Jones
For constant encouragement and support, on this project and over many years. Lou is a Real Photographer.

(Lou doesn't love to have his own photo taken, so this is an image I stole when I dragged him out into the fields for some nature photo work.)

Bob Dinatale

To Bob DiNatale
Who got me going properly with Lightroom after I caused myself a lot of trouble. Bob has been teaching me things about photography and media since the 1970s. Bob takes pictures, teaches, and takes more pictures.

Dan Pearlman in the weeds

To Dan Perlman
For suggesting that people would learn better if they could LISTEN while they look at the images. (Dan did not suggest I do the narrations myself, so you can't blame him for that...)

Glenn in the secret location

To Glenn
For suggesting that using a person for the single subject would be a lot more useful than using a single object like a pair of glasses.

Nicole at the Falls

For being a total joy to work with, putting up with lack of planning, bad planning, and abundant neurosis on my part.
Visit her at Egoart.

 Ruth on Nantucket

And last, but not least, especially to Ruth Neeman
For putting up with a few lost years while I worked on this project.

Ruth is an architect who also designs theatre sets.