A Bridge Dream

Bridge Dream

Here is a composite photo of a face and a bridge, clearly a photo-illustration that has a strong dreamlike quality. 

I have no problem with images that are clearly created in computer, particularly when, like this one, the photo makes it clear from the first moment that it IS a composite.

So what do we think about this image?

The concept is strong and clear, but the execution is a bit difficult. The biggest problem I see is that the image has a great deal of digital noise in it, particularly in the dark tones. This gives a kind of "grunge" feel to the image, but not in a good grungy way. 

An interesting aspect is the way the two images are overlaid. The sun is just above the eye on the left, and the eye to the right is IN the bridge tower. I wonder how different the image would be with a different composition and overlap. 

However, I would STRONGLY encourage this photographer, Medhi, to keep up this kind of work and keep refining the process.