Candied Apples and Monitor Calibration

Candied Apples adjusted

Above is a photo sent in by Mary of candied apples in a store window. She wondered if the image she sent (below) was too dark, and I thought it was. So I took the liberty of brightening it up a bit in Photoshop. The photo is a good one: a glimpse of texture and color in a store window. But Mary is right to be concerned about how dark her version was: she said her prints are often too dark. Welcome to the nightmare of color management! Over the years I have spent many many hours and many thousands of dollars to get my monitors properly calibrated. It is a bit of trouble, but so worthwhile. If you get your system calibrated your color and exposure correction will be much, much better. Look into online training videos, perhaps look for a workshop, or maybe see if your local photo store can sell you calibration equipment and show you how to use it. Meanwhile, keep shooting: you can always re-edit pix once your color management is under control.