Chelsea Street

Chelsea Street

Strong photo!  The idea of shooting a store window is quite common, but this is a particularly good one. It has a wonderful layered quality, with things to see in front of the window, inside the window, and reflected off of it. The color is strong, highly saturated in a way that fits the high energy of the situation.

Specific nice qualities: the woman in front is moving, blurred, in a hurry: great. The guy inside is partly behind the window lettering, which is just right: he is IN the store, isolated from the woman and from us by a variety of barriers. The bananas in the center are terrific, another rhythmic element that adds to the "music".

I can imagine a story, a song, or even a movie springing from this image. It would work wonderfully in a high end magazine such as the New Yorker, to go along with a short story or an article about urban life.

Quibbles: I have no quibbles. Were this a more staid image I might want to see the vertical metal rods be straight up and down, but in this hectic scene the slight tilt is fine. 

Bottom Line: Memorable photo, which is the best I can say about any photo. Send more!