Marital Hands

Marital Hands by Max

Another wonderful photo from Max Cornelius Bezuidenhout, South African photographer.

There are a few aspects of this image that stand out to me:

The texture of the fabric roses on the right is striking and the light shapes it well, but at the same time the dramatic blue light from the left is putting silver highlights on the fingers of the couple.

Perhaps the hands themselves are a tad dark, but that does help the contrast with the silver highlights and the warm fabric roses.

Max mentions that he like the cracked fingers and nails on the one we can assume is the groom, but I the smaller size that is seen at here, those details are not that clear (and making the hands lighter would bring that out a bit more).

But to me, this is a very memorable wedding image, which is not an easy thing to accomplish in the very well trodden genre.

Photography is so much about light, and light is truly celebrated in this image.

Good stuff!