Moody Skiff

moody skiff in black and white

John sends in this interesting photo taken in a harbor in Maine.

(Before I review it further, I should say this: I had to size the photo down quite a bit to make it fit in the webpage; doing so really affected how the grain pattern looks. In the version John sent, the grain is much more present, here it is just a hint.)

I very much like how the sea and sky blend into a single entity; it gives a feeling of infinite floating. However, I think that having the reflections on the bottom cut off by the edge cuts against that endless feeling. I might have been tempted to add some more sea below the boat. Since this is clearly in the category of a strongly manipulated image, adding some sea is well within bounds.

The image has a very early photography feel about it, with the lightest tones being grey. Feels like an ancient metal plate photo one would find in an an antique shop. But having said that, the element that bothers me is the stack of boxes, which look like they are made from plastic. Somehow the very existence of plastic seems at odd with the atmosphere of the photo. Could be just me.

I often quibble about over-manipulated images, but I like this one, and I often push my own images to the very limits to see what else lies within. 

I would be interested to see more examples of this treatment; would like to see if eliminating any trace of modernity, like the plastic boxes, actually works better.