User Photo Review: Do I Play or Do I Go?

softball girl

I love this photograph by Sandy Manson of Chesterfield Virginia. It tells a wonderful story, and a story that is relevant to all American girls, and I'm sure all girls around the world: whether to stick with the feminine thing, or to say "the heck with it" and go have fun.

This could be a magazine or book cover, or accompany an article on girls growing up.

Or it could be part of a larger collection of similar images: I'd love to see more of these.

I think the white porch and the red roses add to the All-American quality of the setting.

The expression is wonderful, the dress and the softball bat and balls are great.

I have no issue with the composition, which is centered and formal and fits the seriousness of the situation and mood.

Now, the nitpicking:

I think the face and eyes might not be in perfect focus, and that would be a big problem for selling the image.

The white dress is pretty overexposed. which is a bit distracting. I am guessing there was lighting near the subject and perhaps a bit too much of it, hence the dress went too bright.

Maybe a different bat would have been better, one that didn't have a white barrel, which gets visually mixed with the white of the dress.

I would also not add the distressed Polaroid-style border. I think the photo is super strong and the border almost takes away from its strength by competing with it.

Bottom Line: This is a great, memorable photo, and I want to see more from you.