Edgy Red Leaves

red leavesI like this image. It shows leaves where the edges of the leaf are a super-bright red, and the very narrow depth of field brings this right to our eye. Strong, memorable photo.

It is a curiosity of photography that we can create images that we can't normally see: if you were to look closely at this plant your eye would likely keep scanning the leaves and try to keep everything in focus. By shooting with a narrow depth of field you force the eye to stay at a single focus point. This is a very powerful tool. You didn't see this technique in painting before photography was invented because we tend to see everything in focus. This way of seeing is very particular to photography, which is why it is popular.

Great use of the tools! Photo by D. DiNovo, who asked for feedback on exposure and white balance. Exposure look just right to me. And so does white balance: with an image that contains no neutral colored object the white balance becomes entirely subjective and it look right to me.