The Bike Ride

bike rider

Here's a photo that I like VERY much. I didn't realize right away that this is a sculpture of bike riders with a real person on the handlebars. There are just enough effects applied to the image that I took it as a group of actual bike riders; the blur on the wheels confirmed that wrong impression.

But looking closer it becomes clear that this is one joyful human riding along with a group of joyful bronze riders. To me, this is a powerful, memorable photo. 

Oddly, when I judge photo contests, I often have trouble dealing with photos of sculpture because I don't know what I am judging: the sculpture or the photo. But in this case, the photographer has made something entirely new from the sculpture, then added some processing effects that fully enhance the romantic, energetic quality.

I find nothing at all to quibble about! I wouldn't change a thing. Great work, Butch!

By the way, here is a link to a webpage that includes a normal photo of this very sculpture.