Waterfront by Night

Waterfront by Night

Here is a wonderful image sent in by Max from South Africa.

As soon as I opened it, the first thing I said was "Wow".

One of the things I look for in a new photograph is whether it is memorable. And this one is. It immediately has a place in my image-memory-bank. Which is hard to do these days, as I and all of us have seen a lot of images, so its hard to break new ground. And a perfect reflection photo isn't new either. 

What makes this one jump off the screen is the string of purple lights among all that gold. Cover the purple with your hand: now you have a nice, but easy to forget image.

I applaud the composition: nearly centered. (I a not a fan of any rule, specially not the rule of thirds.)

By the way, I had to size down his 2500-pixel wide original, and to be honest, it really lost a lot of sparkle when I did so.

Also, Max says he really doesn't like Photoshop, and is a big fan of "right out of the camera". He certainly nailed this one right out of the camera.


The only thing I can quibble about is that because this is a modern complex, not a funky old seashore scene, it does tend to feel like it might be most at home in a brochure for the complex, rather than in a pure artistic or gallery setting. But then, a rustic seashore doesn't have a string of purple lights. 

Bottom line: Highly memorable and technically perfect.