Exposure & Time

Exposure and Time
at exposure as a creative variable, including more or less light, fast and slow speeds, plus mixing slow shutter and flash. Exposure — the amount and the speed — is one of the basic creative tools in photography. It affects your work whether you are aware of it or not.

high contrast bracket

Bracketing Exposure with a High-Contrast Subject
I find it very instructive to look at vastly different exposures of certain images — it brings into question whether there is always a "right" exposure.

Compare exposures.

low contrast bracket

Bracketing Exposure with a Low-Contrast Subject
A sister of the first sequence: a low-contrast subject TENDS not to create interesting results with over- and under-exposure.

Prove it to yourself.

waterfall, exposure speed as a variable

Exposure Speed as a Variable (the Waterfall Sequence)
We went nuts to get a sequence where exposure AND f-stop don't change, but the shutter speed changes.

You'll enjoy this.

fast exposure

Fast Exposure Time
Fast exposures freeze time, which can be very appealing. We did these with flashes, but they could be done with pure shutter speed.

See these.

slow exposure

Slow Shutter Speed
Nicole, the dancer, moves around DURING the exposure to explore possibilities of long exposures.

Slow down.

slow shutter with flash

Slow Shutter with Flash
This is a popular way to work because it produces interesting and unpredictable results.

Try different settings.

multiple flash exposures

Long Exposure Time with Multiple Flash
This is fun, if you can figure out how to get your flash to go off multiple times. You just have to read the booklet — about 43 times.

Take a look.