f-stop (Aperture) and Focus

f-stop (Aperture) and Focus
I have combined aperture and focus into a single section since they are very hard to separate.


Bracketing Aperture or f-stop
Use this sequence to teach or remind yourself how essential but tricky aperture and depth of field can be.

Compare apertures.

aperture and focal length

Depth of Field and Focal Length AND Distance
You can't really talk about depth of field without also talking about focal length and distance so this page tries to talk about all three.

Talk about three things at once.

exact depth of field

Exact Depth of Field
Here we work with a depth-of-field calculator and try to get precise with what is and is not in focus.

Trying to get precise.

focus isolation

Focus Isolation
Looking at using focus to isolate the subject and force the viewer to look where you want them to look.

Compare apertures.

point of focus

Point of Focus
Here are two 4-image sequences where we explore changing the point of the image by changing the point at which we focus.

Get to the point.



Just looking at focus itself as a tool, but focusing behind, at, and in front of the subject.

Make this your focus.


This term, new to Western photography, is a useful one. Here are some fairly pungent examples of more and less bokeh.

Check out the bokeh.