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Focal Length and Focus/

Learn about the tangled connections between focal length, depth of field and focus.

fisheye madness

Focal Length and Angle of View

Learn about fisheyes, wide angles, telephoto lenses, everything in between.

shutter speed

Shutter Speed and Exposure

Learn about fast and slow exposure, and light and dark exposure. 

Qualities of Light

Learn about soft light, hard light, diffused and reflected light. 

computer image

The Computer

In digital photography much of the process takes place on the computer. 


This unusual website explores the creative variables of photography, one at a time, to see how each works.

Explore this site any way you like: click a navigation item at the left to open up a topic, or click the photos above to jump in at random. There is also a help page on using the comparison pages, which are fun but slightly tricky at first, specially on phones and tablets.

I taught photography and wished there was a site like this, so I developed this one. I used a single subject — a woman named Nicole Pierce — for almost every image, so there is consistency as we look at creative options.