Small Flashes


Small Flashes
A group of sequences about controlling light with small flashes. This could be part of the Light Matters section, but since it was all done with small flashes, we gave it a section of its own. Small flashes are called Speedlights by Nikon and Speedlites by Canon
— in order to confuse me, and it does.

flash diffusion devices

Flash Diffusion Devices
Since a direct flash on the camera produces a harsh look there are many products and methods available to soften the "police photo" look.

Compare flash diffusion devices.

ceiling bounce

Ceiling Bounce
In MANY situations, the only workable alternative to blasting the subject with direct flash is to bounce the flash off the ceiling.

Compare ceiling bounce techniques.

direct flash vs wall bounce

Direct Flash vs Wall Bounce
We vary the lighting from all direct flash from the side to all bounce light from the other side.

Go play with this.

soft sidelight vs naked backlight

Soft Sidelight vs Naked Backlight
Here we vary from a soft side light to a naked backlight (kind of like sunlight) and see what happens.

Try this out.

softbox vs naked flash

Softbox vs Naked Flash
We put a naked flash on one side of Nicole and a softbox around a speedlite on the other side.

Try this out.

softbox vs umbrella

Softbox vs Umbrella
Should you use a softbox or an umbrella to control the light from your flashes?

Softbox vs umbrella.

background flash

Background Flash
One flash is bounced off of a wall and is coming in softly; the other is aimed at the background.

Adjust the background light.

special flash placements Special Placements
One critical fact about small flashes (with remote firing) is that you can stick them in all sorts of small places to solve lighting problems.

See examples.