When the Subject Changes.

When the Subject Changes

There is a tree on a hill behind a church near me that I stop and photograph from time to time, in different seasons and lighting situations. This was a nice, overcast day, my favorite sort of lighting so I stopped to take the photo. My thinking is: this is a photo of a single tree against the sky and I walked up and took the photo (with the only camera I had, my iPhone 4). As I walked back down the hill I noticed that the foreground grass and flowers added layers to the image, so I took another shot this way.

I think it is important to be able to say what the subject of your photo is — in words. It's how you know what you are doing. But it is also important to notice if there is another photo, that needs a different set of words to describe it, that is also valid, and maybe better. I went to take "single tree against sky" and also found "single tree against sky with grass and flower foreground".

Had a dinosaur appeared from over the hill I would have shot again, and reworked my words again.

a tree a tree with foreground